1) Is the hair  Human Hair without fiber or animal hair?
Yes, the wig is processed with 100% human hair.

2) Is it possible to order 1 set to check the quality
It’s okay for stock but not for customized order.

3) What is the shipping cost?
Depends on the weight of the goods.we have special agree with DHL, UPS, FedEx, quick and cheap.

4) Once the order is in place, how many business days can I receive the product?

Please check the list above about the shipping time, normally it is 2 days to the USA for the stock order.

5) How do you package the product to prevent grading or damage?
PVC bag and box which express provided

6) How long does it last?
For hair in such high quality, it may last for more than one year under proper care and nurse.

7) What kinds of hair health care products you should use?
Use high quality shampoo and conditioners which will be able to make your hair soft and shiny. Try to use some gel and spray styling products to keep your hair in its style. And olive oil would be a good choice to make your hair healthy.